Why do you use an annual licensing method?

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Why do you use an annual licensing method?

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Typically software is purchased by paying a one off fee for a ‘perpetual’ license and then an annual fee for maintenance. This maintenance fee is important because it not only provides you with support but it ensures the software is able to work correctly with the current version of Solid Edge. This is particularly true of data management solutions. In most cases the only real choice is to pay the maintenance fees resulting in substantial upfront costs. You are also unfairly penalised if you choose to lapse your maintenance typically having to purchase back maintenance to get your system current. It can also be costly to add users by purchasing additional seats.

Our products are far more flexible. We have no perpetual license fees or maintenance fees just a simple annual charge. This allows you to add users as and when you wish giving you all the flexibility you need. We also have a fantastic multiple seat discount policy giving 40% off all additional licenses.

Using our annual licensing method allows us to heavily re-invest money into the development of the applications and release great new functionality and new product versions at no additional cost during each billing period. This means you can be sure that your product will always support the latest versions of Solid Edge and operating systems as well as provide the maximum return on investment.

In addition to this you also receive free web based technical support and complete on-line training courses with all IngeneaSoft products