IngeneaSoft - When You Want Solid Edge To Do More!

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IngeneaSoft - When You Want Solid Edge To Do More!

This post formally launches the new IngeneaSoft blog.

Here you’ll find the latest news and views about tools, utilities, plug-ins, add-ons, applications and automation for the performance obsessed Solid Edge user.

Solid Edge was first released back in 1996 and ever since then users have continually wanted Solid Edge to do more. This isn’t a criticism of Solid Edge. Solid Edge is a generic CAD system and as an out of the box solution is an extremely competent product for the disciplines for which it is developed. But like you every user has their unique requirements.

There have been many new versions of Solid Edge released since that date but there is always something more users want.

Many of these requirements are satisfied by generic mainstream applications in fields such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) that support not only Solid Edge but also many other CAD products.

Then there is the need for very Solid Edge specific utilities and applications.

Indeed we have our own Solid Edge Control Utilities in this area and a Solid Edge Bespoke Development service to provide tailored individual solutions.

Also many Solid Edge Business Partners, those from whom you have purchased the software, have their own applications.

And then there are those general software applications that could just benefit every Solid Edge user.

The problem is that there is no one place to find information about this myriad of products and services.

... and that defines the purpose of this blog.

We aim to draw together and regularly comment on all the applications out there that could complement your Solid Edge implementation. Initially our focus will be on those Solid Edge tools, utilities, plug-ins, add-ons, and applications away from the well publicised mainstream.

We’ll let users post their views, reviews and ratings so you can get inside information from others you can trust and who share your interest in Solid Edge... and over time we’ll provide a comprehensive resource directory.

We have many plans for this blog and the site. This post is just the start.

Next up we’ll be showing you how to stay current with IngeneaSoft and all that happens here.