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File Control helps Solid Edge users to easily and quickly search, manage, and control their design data even if their file management is a total disaster right now.File Control Overview

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Overview  Overview

File Control is an invaluable Solid Edge data management solution that provides an extremely simple and efficient way of navigating through and working with all of your Solid Edge design data.

File Control provides an elegant solution to finding Solid Edge files and determining where certain parts or assembly are used. It provides instant results to these types of search queries.

File Control is very quick to install and configure as well as being fast and easy to use. Simply identify the location of your Solid Edge design libraries and File Control will quickly and effortlessly build a live database containing all the property and link information for every Solid Edge document.

This database resides on your local Solid Edge workstation or laptop. Whilst no network or server infrastructure is required to provide Solid Edge data management with File Control it can work in a multi user environment and where Solid Edge data is stored on networked file servers.

File Control is the cost effective data management solution for Solid Edge users who either do not want the extensive capabilities provided by Solid Edge Insight and Teamcenter, or those who wish to control their local Solid Edge data files.

If you are a Solid Edge user and currently running in an un-managed environment implementing File Control will save you so much time and frustration.

Features and Benefits  Features

  • Instant search queries on any Solid Edge property
  • Basic and advanced search techniques
  • Interact with Solid Edge by opening files, placing files into the active assembly and creating new 2D drawings
  • Instant recursive 'where used' reports
  • Instant 'where drawn' reports
  • Feedback of interpart links
  • Reporting and BOM capabilities – fully customisable
  • File status feedback and file protection in multi-user environments
  • Batch replace and creation of property data
  • Built in viewer
  • Installs in minutes with virtually zero configuration
  • No Microsoft SQL Server required

Video  Overview Video

On-Line Tutorials  On-Line Tutorials

Tutorials for File Control are provided via on-line streaming training videos.

These training videos are freely available to anyone whether you are a File Control user, or a Solid Edge user considering using File Control and wanting to understand what it offers in more detail.

You can access the training videos here:

Reviews  User Reviews

“Every once in a while a software application appears which makes you wonder how you ever managed without it. File Control is such a utility. It acts both as a file and a documentation control front end to Solid Edge and makes life so much easier. I would recommend it to every SE user without hesitation.” – Neale Brodie, Rubicon Systems Design Limited

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The current average rating from all the user reviews of File Control is shown below:

Overall Rating55555
Value for Money55555
Ease of Use55555

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